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Based in Alsager, Cheshire


  • Before we begin I like to ensure that we are perfectly relaxed

  • A relaxed environment aids listening and learning and will help to accelerate your treatment

  • Just think of it like going for a chat with a friend

  • Trust me to quickly help to remove any anxiety that you are feeling

  • I have worked with dozens of people from children to elderly and of both sexes

  • Life is too short to spend your time unhappy

About me

Hello, my name is Tracy Anne Bond and I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Supervisor with an integrative approach. After first qualifying as a counsellor in 2007 I studied hard and gained my accreditation with the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy) in 2012 and I'm now in my ninth year.

My principles & ethics are based on the guidelines & code of conduct offered inline with the BACP. I am happy to offer a free consultation so we can discuss what you may want from counselling in a safe and private setting based in Alsager, Cheshire.

I offer appointments to suit you in the evenings and at weekends [read more]

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The need for counselling in schools

How mental health issues can harm the educational needs of staff and students

Everybody knows that a hungry student will probably have difficulty concentrating properly and that their learning is likely to suffer as a result.

I believe exactly the same problem exists for individuals with mental health issues. When we have other things on our minds it prevents us fr . . .
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7: Get enough sleep

Humans, like all mammals, require sufficient sleep in order to function properly. This is especially true for people who are under a lot of pressure during the day.

If you have trouble sleeping or you tend to wake during the night then don’t worry about this too much because while you a . . .
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Living with anxiety - 10 top tips: #2

2. Ground yourself with your five senses

This tip is deceptively powerful. A mental exercise to provide immediate relief at times when you feel anxious.

*Look slowly around yourself.

Look for and make a mental note of 5 things which you can see.

Now find . . .
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